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Single Pulley for Rigging, Arborist Climbing, and Rescue

Looking for a safe and sturdy climbing pulley for your next outdoor adventure? Look no further than the Micro Cell Single Pulley. With a maximum rope capacity of 1/2 inch and a massive breaking strength of 20kN (4500 lb), this pulley is CE certified to ensure your safety during rigging, arborist climbing, rescue missions and more.

Portable Climbing Pulley with Swing Plate for Zipline and Rock Rescue

The SEPEAK pulley is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, and more. Its uses also extend to rescue and aerial work, making it a reliable and essential tool for professionals. Additionally, it can be used for backyard zipline and swing seats, adding to its versatility and convenience for everyday use. With the SEPEAK pulley, you can enjoy a safe and worry-free experience during your outdoor adventures.

GM Climbing 30kN Swing Cheek Micro Pulle

The Swing Cheek Advantage: This GM CLIMBING pulley has a swing cheek design that makes the installation and removal of the rope much easier, thus facilitating the system setting process.

Dragging System Block and Tackle with Twist Lock Carabiner

Compact Design for Convenient Storage: This product is designed to take up minimal space, making it easy to store in your car trunk, garage, or equipment rack.

Double Tie-in Hitch Pulley for Climbing

Introducing the Safety Micro Climbing Pulley! This ball bearing hitch pulley is certified by both CE and UIAA and has a high breaking strength of 32kN. It can be used to advance friction hitches in various rope climbing systems, work-positioning lanyards, or as a functional redirect pulley in rigging or mechanical benefit systems, all while maintaining a lightweight and compact profile. The pulley is compatible with ropes up to 13mm in diameter, making it a versatile addition to your climbing gear.

3-Hole Climbing Pulley for Steady Traction and Zipline Systems

This 3-hole climbing pulley is a versatile and useful tool for various activities such as tree climbing, rope climbing, mountain climbing, aerial work, and more. It is also ideal for lifting heavy objects and creating labor-saving pulley systems.

Climbing System with Hitch Slack Tending Pulley Kit

Heat-Resistant VT Prusik! The sheath of this 8mm VT Prusik is braided with 50% Kevlar Fiber, adding durability (cord rating up to 25kN) and excellent heat resistance to your friction hitch. It's perfect for use in various applications such as climbing, rescue, and outdoor sports.

Certified Rescue Pulley with Swing Plate

Looking for a versatile and efficient rescue pulley? Look no further than our Licensed Massive Rescue Pulley! This pulley is compatible with a wide range of ropes, up to 16mm (5/8") thick, and features multiple anchors for setting up complex rescue and hauling systems. Plus, its swing plate and CE/UIAA certifications ensure optimal safety and performance.

26KN Heavy Duty Climbing Pulley, Aluminium Alloy Single Swivel Micro Pulley for 12mm Rope, Rescue and Climbing

This 26KN climbing pulley, made of durable aluminum alloy, is not only perfect for climbing but also excels in other uses like hauling and transporting. With a heavy-duty single swivel rope design, it is suitable for use with 12mm ropes, providing reliable and versatile performance for all your outdoor activities.

Single Sheave 20kN Climbing Pulley: Aluminum Rescue Pulley with Fixed Eye for Rock and Rope

The 20kN Climbing Pulley Rescue Pulley has been polished to perfection, ensuring a smooth surface and allowing for quick rotation. This smooth rotation reduces friction and makes it easy to use for climbing and rescue operations.

Heavy Duty Single Swivel Climbing Pulley

The 26KN Climbing Pulley is designed to be compatible with a wide range of ropes up to 12mm in diameter. It features multiple anchors for advanced rescue or hauling system set up, and boasts a breaking power of 26KN for unparalleled durability to meet your needs.

CAMP Tethys Pro Pulley

The ATC Belay System boasts an impressive 92% effectiveness, thanks to its durable aluminum alloy body and wheel, and strong stainless steel axle.