Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just starting out, having the right harness is essential for a safe and comfortable climb. That’s why we’re offering a fantastic sale on our wide selection of harnesses. From lightweight and breathable options for sport climbing to durable and adjustable models for big wall climbing, we have a harness to meet your needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the gear you need for your next climb at a great price!

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Half Body Climbing Harness – Thicken Strong Seat Belt for Rock Climbing, Rappelling, and Fire Rescu

Half Body Climbing Harness, a thicken strong seat belt designed for rock climbing, rappelling, fire rescue, and high-altitude adventures. Crafted from durable polyester with a reinforced tie-in point and stitching, this harness ensures longevity even under high-use conditions like climbing gyms or ropes courses. With a waist fit ranging from 31 to 59 inches and adjustable leg loops (18" to 30"), it offers a one-size-fits-all solution. The CE certification and breaking strength of 20KN (about 2000kg) provide the utmost safety for climbers. The traditional buckle and breathable mesh-lined waist belt and leg loop guarantee comfort, making it ideal for mountaineering and rock climbing in various conditions. The two DoubleBack buckles allow quick and secure adjustments, while the harness construction distributes pressure to keep climbers comfortable during their ascent. Whether you're venturing into the mountains or participating in high-altitude activities, the HaoFst Climbing Harness is your reliable bodyguard, providing safety and peace of mind.

Women’s Selena Climbing Harness

Women's Selena Climbing Harness is a game-changer for female climbers. Designed to cater to the unique needs of a woman's physique, this harness is the perfect companion for sport climbing, whether you're scaling indoor walls or conquering outdoor crags. The Selena harness is all about comfort and freedom of movement. Its elastic leg loops are adjustable and stay in place, ensuring a secure fit. The front of the waistbelt is slim and flexible, granting you the flexibility you need to make those demanding climbs. Whether you're an experienced climber or a beginner, this harness is a reliable choice for conquering heights. 🧗‍♀️ Designed for Women: The Selena harness is meticulously tailored to fit the female body, ensuring a comfortable and secure climbing experience.

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with the Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness

Fusion Climb Centaur Half Body Harness in bold orange, available in sizes M-XL, is the key to unlocking your adventurous spirit. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, where Centaurs symbolized untamed nature and wisdom, this harness embodies those same qualities. It's the ideal choice for any climbing enthusiast, whether you're conquering indoor climbing gym walls, navigating challenging rope courses, or guiding outdoor adventures. Strap in and experience the freedom to explore the world from new heights with comfort and safety. 1️⃣ Versatile Adventure Partner: The Fusion Climb Centaur harness is your all-in-one solution, suitable for a wide range of activities. It's perfect for personal use and rental purposes, ensuring you're always prepared for your next adventure. 2️⃣ Lightweight & Ultra-Strong: Crafted from 5000lb test mil spec webbing, this harness combines exceptional strength with a remarkably lightweight design. Weighing in at under 3 lbs, it won't weigh you down as you ascend to new heights. 3️⃣ Effortless Adjustability: With its 3-point adjustment system and 2 piece adjuster buckles for the waist and legs, achieving a secure, custom fit has never been easier. Trainers can also make quick adjustments to ensure the wearer's safety and comfort. 4️⃣ Reinforced Belay Loop: The harness features a reinforced belay loop, adding an extra layer of security. You can trust it to keep you securely attached as you tackle challenging climbs and courses. 5️⃣ Streamlined Learning: Designed with 3 fast pass buckles, this harness simplifies the learning process, making it an excellent choice for climbing gyms and outdoor guides. Instructors can easily adjust it to suit their trainees.  

Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness – Women’s

For long days working your project when comfort can make or break a climb, the Black Diamond Solution Harness provides unequaled comfort. Fusion Comfort Technology introduces three separate strands of low-profile webbing, introducing superior load distribution while reducing pressure on sensitive points.

Climbing Harness Belt for Fire Rescue High Altitude School Assignment Caving Rock

 Safety certification: CE1019. Weight limited : 500 KG. Maximum Breaking Strength: 24KN. Made from polyester webbing with a reinforced tie-in

HYDDNice Kids Climbing Harness Child Full Body Seat Belt Rock Climbing Harness

  •  Durable Material?: Made of durable polyester ribbon,with a reinforced tie-in point and stitching,high grade stainless steel buckle,makes kids climbing harness safer and stronger.
  •  Adjustable?: The length of the shoulder and thigh bands adjustable,convenient for you to use;Portable lightweight but strong, never bring heavy load to kids when climbing;Considerate design,easy to know which part is upper and lower body through different colors,easy to wear and remove.

Harness All Matched Top Chest Strap for Outdoor Tree Work Climbing

  •  Material: Safety PFY (polyester filament yarn)
  • Use: Shoulder Strap Matches with lower body harness for full body harness
  • Distributing pressure across a 25% greater surface area than a traditional H-style harness, the Geelife Shoulder Harness has a body-contouring shape for optimal support and a comfortable fit.
  • The curved pads follow the contours of the shoulders and ribcage, with a low-placed sternum strap to reduce the risk of strangulation while providing easy adjustability.
  • Lower body harness isn't included.

CAMP GT ANSI Fullbody Climbing Harness Size 1 Small to Large ANSI

 A step forward in comfort for technical rope access workers. The structure and padding have been shaped for optimal ergonomics,

Harness Professional Mountaineering Lightweight Rock Climbing Waist Safety Belt

 CE Certified, ISO9001 Certified, Safety first. Harness weight limited: 300KG (660lb). Tension: ≥15KN. Impact force: ≤6KN. Size can be adjustable,

Mammut – Women’s Ophir 3 Slide

  •  Special two-part webbing construction ensures maximum comfort
  • Patented abrasion protection thanks to synthetic material on tie-in loops
  • 4 gear loops
  • Extremely strong (4 kN) haul loop
  • Full safety and easy adjustment thanks to 3 Slide Bloc buckles

Mad Rock Venus Harness 4.0 Deluxe Climbing Package

  •  Harness Gear Loops: 4
  • Harness Haul Loop: 24kN
  • Adjustable Leg Loops on Harness: self-locking buckles
  • Chalk Bag Closure: drawcoard
  • Locking Carbiner Major Axis Strength: 26kN

Black Diamond Alpine BOD Climbing Harness

  •  Lightweight and minimalistic. Stripped to the essentials, minimizing weight.
  • 4 Gear loops & 1 Haul loop
  • Adjustable & quick-release leg loops
  • Great low price