Get ready to take on the walls with our selection of premium bouldering and wall equipment! Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just starting out, we have everything you need to safely and confidently tackle the rock. From durable carabiners and quickdraws to chalk bags, crash pads, and belay devices, we’ve got you covered. Our products are crafted by the industry’s leading brands, ensuring the highest quality and performance. Elevate your climbing game and shop now for the best deals on bouldering and wall equipment.

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Smooth and Safe Climbing with Tubular V-Grooved Belay Device Package

Looking for a reliable and secure belaying experience? Look no further than our HMS screw locking carabiner, now available at an unbeatable sale price. Designed to perfectly complement your belaying system, this carabiner features a locking gate that provides added safety and peace of mind.

CLIMBING Swing Cheek Micro Pulley

The swing cheek feature of GM CLIMBING UIAA Certified 30kN Swing Cheek Micro Pulley CE Standard Purpose (Black, Pack of two) makes the installation and removal of rope much easier, thereby facilitating the entire system setting process.

Rope Seize Ascender for Climbing and Fall Safety

Removable Rope Grab for Free Movement - With this detachable rope ascender, adjusting the rope is easy, allowing you to move freely. Installation is hassle-free with the included instructions.

Outdoor Hand Ascender for Climbing and Rappelling

This hand ascender is perfect for outdoor climbing and rappelling. It can be used with ropes between 8-18mm thick and is available in both left and right-handed options. Made of durable materials, it provides a reliable and secure grip, making it a must-have for any climbing or rappelling adventure.

Rope Chest Ascender for Rock Climbing

Secure and Reliable Chest Ascender for Rock Climbing and Arborist Work: Features strong teeth for a tight grip on ropes, ensuring safety even on difficult terrain.

Sport, Trad, and Top-Rope Cam-Assisted Belay Device

Convenient and Comfortable Belay Device - Ideal for Sport, Trad and Top-Rope Climbing with Cam-Assisted Blocking - Pink with Engraved Rope Installation Diagram.

Compact Rock Climbing Belay Glasses

Lightweight Belay Glasses with Quick-Adjust Neck Strap for Rock Climbing.

Professional V-grooved Climbing Abseiling Descender

Ideal for Rock Climbing, Caving, Mountaineering, Canyoning, Outdoor Training, Engineering Works, High-Altitude Operations, Rescue, Adventure and More.

Twin Sheave Pulley Block with Handle for Easy Lifting

Double Rescue Handle Pulley - Ideal for Rock Mountain Rescue, Tower Work, Ski Patrol, Climbing, Downhill, Training, and Other High-Altitude Work.

Certified Micro Prusik Minding Pulley

Efficient Heavy Load Transport with Self-Lubricating Bushing-Mounted Sheave for Clean Rotation - Ideal for Haul Systems, Climbing Tending Hitches, Daily Use, DIY Rope Pulleys, Home Gym Suspension, Slackline Tensioning and More.

Ultralight Rock Climbing Self-Locking Belay System

THE SAFETY DESIGN - Barrier sheets mechanically catch the rope, preventing falls by grabbing the rope when weightless tilting occurs, ensuring protection at all times.

Durable 20KN Orange Pulley for Rope Management

Enjoy a smooth and efficient climbing experience with the 26KN Climbing Pulley, featuring rotating sheaves held together by two aluminum rivet points. This design reduces wear and tear on your rope, ensuring maximum product life and the best user experience.