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OBrien Vortex 65.5″ Combo Waterskis Adults

  • O'Brien Vortex with X7 Adjustable Binding Skis
  • O'Brien Vortex with X7 Adjustable Binding Skis:
  • Vortex is O'Brien's Big-Daddy" Wide-Body Pair
  • Designed for Super-Easy Deep-Water Starts and Big, Carving Turns
  • Extra Surface Area Reduces Drag

O’Brien Children All-Star Trainers Kids Combo Waterskis

  • Stabilizer bar for simple learning
  • Includes coach rope
  • For skiers up to 85 lbs
  • Adjustable ties fit different sizes

O’Brien Jr Vortex Widebody 54″ Combo Water Skis

  • Length 54 inch/137cm
  • Plastic fin
  • Jr. X-7 flexible ties (one ski has raise toe piece)
  • Foot estimate: kids 2-Mens 7
  • Includes stabilizer bar

O’Brien Pro Tour Slalom Water Ski

  • Carve Fin
  • Narrow Tunnel
  • 45 Degree Bevel
  • STD Size Binding - Men's Size 7-11


  • Adjustable Lace-Up boot
  • Elastic bands take into account stretch
  • Easy to exit boot
  • Comfy lycra and EVA parts
  • Boot sidewalls for reversal/eversion support

Airhead Wide Body Combo Water Skis, 65″

  • 65.5 in. long, wide-body skis with wide tip that uproots more water for simple new companies and gives unrivaled stability
  • Hourglass shape gives snappy low exertion turning commencement even at slower watercraft speeds
  • More propelled skiers will appreciate the wide tips for hopping wakes
  • Dual thickness ties are movable from US sizes 5 to 12
  • Durable composite/froth center development with fiberglass fortified nylon balances for tracking

CWB Connelly Men’s Waterski Promo Gloves

  • Full palm, finger, and thumb Amara fabric
  • Silicone covered fingertips for tasteless grip
  • Neoprene knuckle board for an execution fit. TPU infused wrist tie with Velcro for simple section and exit
  • Ergonomically sewed palm for enhanced comfort
  • 2 back of hand Velcro tie for speedy and simple adjustments

CWB Connelly Women’s Waterski Gloves

  • 3/4" finger gussets for comfort Double sewed delicate Amara palm Flexible neoprene backing Breathable neo for additional comfort

Hydroslide Wakeboard (56-Inch)

  • Beginner to middle of the road design
  • Easy to get up on, simple to ride
  • Chaser bind up bindings
  • Twin Tip design
  • Universal Sandal Bindings
  • dual fins
  • performance level novice to intermediate

Airhead Spectra Thermal Wakeboard Rope, 4 section

  • Spectra Thermal wakeboard rope gives zero stretch to fresh prompt response
  • Thermal-covered Spectra line is hardened and inflexible, opposes wrinkling and bending, buoys and flaunts a 2,000 lb. break strength
  • 70 foot long with a 5 foot handle harness and 4 area mainline (5,50,5,5,5)
  • 15 inch wide EVA hold is outfitted with 2 froth buoys and full length PVC tubing for included durability
  • Rope Keeper is incorporated for sans tangle storage

Wakeboard Rope, Phat Grip, Trick Handle, Red

  • 15 in. twofold thickness EVA PHAT GRIP handle
  • High quality aluminum center, 4 in. finger defenders and froth floats
  • Low extend 16-strand 30-fiber rope with 5 ft. handle harness and three 10 ft. take-offs
  • 6 in. TPR secured aluminum handle for turns and altered tricks
  • Rope Keeper is included