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YYVERTICAL Traditional Belay Glasses (Blue) – Sturdy and Comfy Belay/Prism Glasses for Rock Climbing

YYVERTICAL Traditional Belay Glasses in Blue are a rock climber's best friend, enhancing the belaying experience with their high-quality design. Inspired by the Y and Y classic, these glasses have garnered the trust of thousands of climbers, ensuring that quality is never compromised. With their adaptable glasses bows and body, they offer a comfortable and secure fit on any face shape. Available in a range of colors, these belay/prism glasses allow climbers to express their originality while ensuring a clear view of their climbing partner. Whether you're a seasoned climber or just starting, these glasses are a valuable addition to your climbing gear, providing comfort and convenience for a safer climbing experience. 🪶 Enhanced Belaying Experience: YYVERTICAL Traditional Belay Glasses have been designed to enhance the belaying experience for climbers. By providing a comfortable and secure view of your climbing partner, they make belaying safer and more enjoyable. 🌀 Proven Quality: These glasses are inspired by the Y and Y classic, which has gained the trust of thousands of climbers. This ensures that quality is never compromised, and climbers can rely on them for years to come. 🪚 Adaptable Fit: Thanks to the versatile glasses bows and body, these belay/prism glasses can adjust to fit any face shape. Climbers can enjoy a comfortable and secure fit, allowing for extended use during climbs.

Y and Y Colourful Climbing Glasses – Purple

Y and Y Colourful Climbing Glasses are a must-have accessory for climbers looking to elevate their climbing experience. Inspired by the Y and Y classic, these glasses have been trusted by thousands of climbers for their quality and performance. With flexible glasses bows and a versatile frame, they can easily adjust to fit any face shape. Available in five vibrant colors, including a stylish purple, these climbing glasses allow climbers to showcase their originality and bring a touch of color to their climbing adventures. 🧗 Enhanced Climbing Experience: Y and Y Colourful Climbing Glasses are designed to enhance the climbing experience. They offer clear vision while protecting your eyes from glare, dust, and debris, allowing you to focus on your climb with confidence. 🌈 Vibrant Color Options: With five different color choices, including a stylish purple, these glasses allow climbers to express their individuality and add a pop of color to their climbing gear. Choose the color that suits your style. 💪 Proven Quality: These glasses are inspired by the Y and Y classic, a trusted choice among climbers. Their quality has been confirmed by thousands of climbers, ensuring you get a reliable and durable product.

Smooth and Safe Climbing with Tubular V-Grooved Belay Device Package

Looking for a reliable and secure belaying experience? Look no further than our HMS screw locking carabiner, now available at an unbeatable sale price. Designed to perfectly complement your belaying system, this carabiner features a locking gate that provides added safety and peace of mind.

Sport, Trad, and Top-Rope Cam-Assisted Belay Device

Convenient and Comfortable Belay Device - Ideal for Sport, Trad and Top-Rope Climbing with Cam-Assisted Blocking - Pink with Engraved Rope Installation Diagram.

Compact Rock Climbing Belay Glasses

Lightweight Belay Glasses with Quick-Adjust Neck Strap for Rock Climbing.

Professional V-grooved Climbing Abseiling Descender

Ideal for Rock Climbing, Caving, Mountaineering, Canyoning, Outdoor Training, Engineering Works, High-Altitude Operations, Rescue, Adventure and More.

V-Grooved Micro Rescue Device for Rock Climbing and Rappelling

The ATC Belay System features a unique V-groove design that provides a gradual descent by increasing the friction between the device and the rope. The double-rope holes allow for the use of one or two ropes, ensuring that the ropes won't become entangled during the descent.

You need Cave rappelling – Rappel Gear



The rappel machine is extensively utilized in mountain climbing, cave rappelling, rescue, canyoning, out of doors coaching, engineering works, high-altitude operations, rescue or different out of doors actions.

Adjustable-View Rock Climbing Belay Glasses



EyeSend belay glasses supply a singular adjustable prism that permits you to tune your subject of view repeatedly from a 60° slab to a 120° overhanging route. With EyeSend, you’ll belay in full consolation and provides a safer catch!

Fusion Climb Neo Sat Aluminum Tube Belay Device

  • Barely bigger opening permits simpler setup if you "chew" the rope and smoother belay
  • Modified "tube" fashion belay gadget

AOKWIT Professional 25KN Rappel ATC Belay Device

  • Double-hole Design: Double-row rope gap design, you possibly can used with single or double rope, the double rope is not going to be entangled when descending, and the rope might be retracted by way of one finish after reaching the vacation spot.


  • ✅ FEATURES - V-groove friction performs a gradual downward impact by growing the friction between the ATC and the rope. Double-rope holes can be utilized with one rope or two rope, and the 2 ropes won't entangle one another when descending.