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DefenderGuard Bike Lock – Heavy Duty 120db Alarm U Lock for Wide Tires, E-Bikes, Scooters, Motorcycles – Stainless Steel, Weatherproof, 16mm Hardened Steel – 3 Keys, Spare Batteries

This heavy-duty U lock, designed for wide tires, E-bikes, scooters, and motorcycles, features a robust 16mm hardened steel construction. The integrated 120db audible alarm, motion-activated, provides an additional layer of protection, deterring potential thieves. With the DefenderGuard, enjoy peace of mind knowing your prized possession is secure, even when out of sight but within hearing range. The DefenderGuard Bike Lock's standout feature lies in its hardened max performance stainless steel. This material not only resists hand tools, bolt cutters, and leverage attacks but ensures durability in the face of relentless attempts at theft. Invest in a bike lock that goes beyond standard security, providing maximum performance and peace of mind for your valuable rides.

Seway Scooter Lock Cable – Ultimate Security Solution

The Seway Scooter Lock Cable is the ultimate security solution for your Xiaomi Mijia M365, ES Collection, Segway Ninebot, or any other electric scooter. Crafted from high-strength braided steel wire, this cable can withstand 2.4KN of tension and 7KN of shear force, providing unmatched strength and flexibility. The protective PVC coating ensures durability and prevents scratches, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use. With a 4-foot length and a keyless 4-digit combination lock, this self-coiling cable is a breeze to use. The convenience of a keyless lock eliminates the worry of losing your keys. You can even attach it to your scooter's handlebar when not in use. Seway's scooter lock cable is a versatile and high-security solution for electric scooters, bicycles, ladders, lawn mowers, sports equipment, and more. High-Strength Braided Steel 💪: Seway's scooter lock cable is crafted from high-strength braided steel wire, providing superior durability and resistance to both tension and shear forces. This cable is designed to withstand the test of time, offering peace of mind. Protective PVC Coating 🛡️: The PVC coating on the cable not only adds extra durability but also protects your scooter from scratches and wear. You can confidently secure your scooter without the fear of damage.

BEELORD Bike U Locks – Your Ultimate Anti-Theft Solution

The BEELORD Bike U Lock is the ultimate choice for safeguarding your bike, electric bike, scooter, motorcycle, and even certain doors. This compact and powerful lock is crafted from high-density aluminum alloy, including a protective silicone cover that resists corrosion and prevents unsightly scratches on your bike. Designed with a high-quality lock cylinder made from a precise zinc alloy blade, this lock is virtually impenetrable. The added lock dust cover ensures the keyhole remains protected from rain and dust. Plus, it comes with a versatile 3.94FT double-looped steel cable, allowing you to secure not only your bike but also your helmet, wheels, and more. With the ability to withstand up to 12 tons of hydraulic shear force, this Bicycle U Lock is your trusted guardian, capable of locking up bikes, motorcycles, doors, toolboxes, scooters, skateboards, gates, fences, grills, ladders, and more. Sturdy & Durable Build 💪: BEELORD's bike U lock is constructed from high-density aluminum alloy with a protective silicone cover. This ensures it's not only resistant to cutting and leveraging but also corrosion, safeguarding your bike and offering a comfortable grip even in extreme weather. High-Quality Lock Cylinder 🔒: The lock's zinc alloy blade lock cylinder has a precise structure, making it extremely resistant to technical openings. The lock dust cover adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring the keyhole stays free from rain and dust.

BEELORD Bike U Locks – Ultimate Security for Your Ride

BEELORD Bike U Locks are the ultimate security solution for your bicycle, electric bike, scooter, motorbike, and even some doors. This small yet mighty lock is constructed from high-density aluminum alloy, making it resistant to cutting and leveraging attempts. The silicone cover not only protects your bike from scratches but also ensures a comfortable grip in both hot and icy weather. With a high-quality lock cylinder and included 3.94FT double-looped steel cable, this lock offers versatile protection, allowing you to secure your bike, helmet, wheels, and more. From bikes to gates, fences to toolboxes, BEELORD U Locks are a powerful deterrent against theft. Sturdy & Durable Build 💪: BEELORD's bike U lock is crafted from high-density aluminum alloy, including a protective silicone cover. It resists cutting and leveraging attempts, ensuring your bike's security. Plus, the silicone cover makes it comfortable to handle, even in extreme weather conditions. High-Quality Lock Cylinder 🔒: The lock's zinc alloy blade lock cylinder boasts a precise structure, preventing any technical openings. The added lock dust cover keeps the keyhole free from rain and dust, maintaining the lock's integrity.

USHAKE Bike Mixture U Lock – Ultimate Security for Your Ride

The USHAKE Bike Mixture U Lock is the go-to choice for anyone seeking top-notch security for their bike, electric scooter, or gate. It's the perfect solution for those who never want to worry about losing keys again. With a robust build, simple combination setup, and a shackle that resists cutting and leverage attacks, this lock is a fortress for your belongings. Whether you need to protect your bike, scooter, or a metal fence gate, the USHAKE Mixture U Lock has you covered. Keys-Free Convenience 🔑: Tired of fumbling with keys? The USHAKE Mixture U Lock is keys-free! No more worries about forgetting or losing keys. Simply set your unique 4-digit combination, and you're good to go. Simple Combination Setup 🎯: Setting up your combination is a breeze. The smooth dial turning instills confidence in the lock's quality. Your belongings will be protected in no time. Robust Shackle 💪: This heavy-duty anti-theft lock features a 10mm hardened zinc alloy shackle that's resistant to both cutters and leverage attacks. Your bike, scooter, or gate will be safe and sound.

LuTuo Bike U Lock with 2 Keys – Heavy-Duty Anti-Theft Bike Locks

The LuTuo Bike U Lock with 2 Keys is the ultimate choice for safeguarding your beloved bicycle. Crafted from 13.7mm thickened A3 carbon steel and subjected to multiple heat treatment processes, this lock is a fortress on wheels. It's not just a lock; it's your bike's best defense against theft. Whether you own a regular bicycle, a mountain bike, a road bike, a scooter, or an electric bike, this high-security U lock has got you covered. Plus, it can even lock two bikes simultaneously, making it ideal for cycling with friends. Unrivaled Security 🔒: LuTuo's U-lock is a true anti-theft champion. Crafted from 13.7mm thick carbon steel, it's virtually impervious to cutting, sawing, and smashing. Rest easy, knowing your bicycle is safe and sound. Versatile Protection 🚲: This U lock's longer and broader design allows it to secure not only regular bicycles but also mountain bikes, road bikes, scooters, and electric bikes. No matter your ride, LuTuo's got you covered. Double the Security 🔑: Two is better than one, right? This bike lock comes with two copper keys, giving you a spare in case of loss. The zinc alloy lock core provides added protection, making it incredibly resistant to theft attempts.

Fortify Your Security with the zeng Heavy-Duty Chain Lock and Premium Case-Hardened Security Chain!

The zeng Heavy-Duty Chain Lock is your go-to solution for safeguarding your valuable possessions. This versatile security chain, with an 8mm diameter and a length of 2.62 feet, is designed for use in various situations. It's an excellent choice for motorcycles, scooters, bikes, boats, trucks, helmets, gates, fences, and more. Whether you're securing your bike on the street, locking up your equipment in the garage, or keeping your possessions safe outdoors, this chain lock provides the security and peace of mind you need. With a pry-proof and rust-proof padlock body, it's ready to protect your assets under different circumstances. 🔒 Premium Security: The zeng Heavy-Duty Chain Lock features a case-hardened steel chain with an 8mm diameter, offering top-notch security for your valuable possessions. Its size of 2.62 feet allows you to lock up various items with ease. 💪 Rugged and Pry-Proof: The padlock body is constructed from laminated riveted steel plates, making it incredibly strong, secure, and pry-proof. This robust design ensures that your belongings are protected from theft and tampering. 🌦️ Rust-Proof Protection: This chain lock is built to withstand the elements. It's rust-proof, ensuring that it remains in top condition even in challenging outdoor environments. Rain or shine, your belongings stay secure.

Anti-Theft Bike Chain Lock with Keys Bicycle Chain Lock

Wherever your bike takes you, the FortLocks Bike Chain Lock is your ultimate guardian against theft. This versatile anti-theft chain lock ensures the safety of your bike, motorcycle, bicycle, and provides added security for your home, door, gate, fence, and even your grill. Its 6mm thick chain offers reliable protection in a wide range of settings. Heavy-Duty Security 🔒💪 FortLocks understands the importance of security. That's why this bike chain lock is constructed with professional-grade steel, known for its cut-resistance. You can trust that your bike and belongings are safe and sound. Durable and Long-Lasting 🌧️🔐 To ensure the longevity of your lock, regularly lubricate the lock hole and keyhole. This simple maintenance routine will extend the service life of your FortLocks Bike Chain Lock, making it a reliable companion for years to come. Protective Fabric Sleeve 🧥🚴 The chain is enclosed in a protective fabric sleeve. This not only shields the chain from rust and scratches but also keeps it looking and functioning like new. Your bike deserves the best care, and this lock delivers. Titanker bike lock comes with 2 keys. You'll be able to take one of many keys to make use of in day by day life, and you may depart one other key at dwelling in case you by chance lose one. The general size of the chain lock is about 3 toes. The hyperlinks are about 1.97 inches lengthy and about 0.23 inches inch thick. Lock Weight: 1.4 kilos.

Secure Your Ride: Traditional Folding Bike Lock with Patented Security

The Traditional Folding Bike Lock with Patented Security is a must-have for every urban cyclist and bike enthusiast. Whether you're commuting to work in the city, exploring scenic routes in the countryside, or running errands on your scooter, this folding bike lock is your ultimate guardian against theft. It's perfect for securing your bicycle or scooter in various environments, providing peace of mind and ensuring that your prized possession remains safe and sound. High Security Design: 🔐 This bike lock features patented high-security technology that eliminates the need for codes or chains, making it a reliable and easy-to-use security solution. City and Outdoor Use: 🌆 Whether you're navigating the busy streets of the city or embarking on outdoor adventures, this lock is designed to meet your security needs.  

Cable Scooter Bike Helmet Lock with Code



Mixture Lock has multifunctionality, not solely can lock the bicycle helmet, but in addition can lock the bicycle, backpack and baggage.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock with Code


Multipurpose Cable Lock

This bike helmet lock can be utilized to lock bike or bike helmets, bike wheels, child strollers, luggages, doorways, ladders.

Anti Theft Folding Bike Lock with 3 Keys



And anybody who’s ever struggled with a u-lock body mount that’s not in a position to maintain bike lock quietly or securely will actually recognize the tight, noiseless match of a motorbike folding lock towards their body!