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Ultimate Duck Dog Training Dummy – Perfect for Water Retrieval and Land Training

As an avid duck hunter and dog enthusiast, the HuntEmUp Ultimate Dog Training Dummy has become an invaluable tool in preparing my retriever for successful hunts. Its durable EVA material and buoyancy make it perfect for water retrieval, and the realistic size and feel of a duck make it an excellent choice for land training. The scent customization option adds an extra layer of realism, making it an essential training essential for any hunting dog.

EZ-WINCH MOUNT for EZ-Feeder Hanger, Tree Limb, Deer & Hog Hunting, Sports Hoist, Boat

The EZ-WINCH MOUNT is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters. It's designed for versatile use, from tree limb hanging to hoisting deer or hog game, making it an essential tool for hunting, sports, and outdoor adventures. Whether you're in the woods on a hunting expedition, need to lift equipment onto a boat, or require a hoist for various tasks, the EZ-WINCH MOUNT is a must-have. With free shipping and easy installation, this mount is a practical and versatile addition to your outdoor gear collection. 🌲 Versatile Outdoor Use: The EZ-WINCH MOUNT is a versatile outdoor tool that can be used for a range of activities, including tree limb hanging, hoisting game while hunting, and lifting equipment onto a boat. It's a versatile addition to your outdoor gear. 🦌 Perfect for Hunting: For hunters, this mount is a game-changer. It simplifies the process of hoisting deer or hog game, making the post-hunt tasks more efficient and less physically demanding. Spend more time enjoying your hunting adventure and less time on heavy lifting.