Bolle Unisex Mojo Snow Goggles. 


You don’t need to have faith in Karma to get this great Mojo going. Tie on this medium-to-substantial fit goggle and simply do your thing. The Flow-Tech venting and propelled focal point innovation will keep you agreeable and haze free until it’s an ideal opportunity to hit the hot tub.

Points of interest: Medium/huge fit, twofold focal point, P80Plus hostile to haze, Flow-Tech venting, single layer confront froth, delicate downy face layer. Twofold focal point – formation of a double sheet warm boundary between the chilly dry outside air and the dampness produced by exceptional movement keeps diverting buildup from framing. P80Plus layer hostile to mist – scatters water particles over the surface of the focal point, confining dampness develop that can block your perfectly clear perspective of the landscape ahead. Stream Tech Venting – advance directional wind stream over within surface of the focal point, diminishing the potential for dampness develop and keeping up your flawless vision. Bolle focal points square hurtful UVA/UVB beams up to 400 nanometers. Bolle protective caps and goggles are produced in parallel to guarantee consummate fit, ideal ventilation and most ideal solace. The Bolle SOS solution connector effectively fit properly to give the remedial vision required while keeping up the wide field of view. Material: Foam, Fleece.

Bolle Unisex Mojo Snow Goggles Best Offer

Bolle conveys the most elevated quality shades and goggles for execution and security, continually refining trademark blend of fit, mold, and solace, bringing about a portion of the freshest and most innovatively progressed eyewear in the business.
















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