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Deep Blue Gear Snorkel Vest, Adult. 


Deep Blue Gear Snorkel Vest, Adult Best Offer

Add security and solace while swimming with this grown-up measured inflatable snorkel vest from Deep Blue Gear, empowering you to effectively glide on your stomach to keep your head and veil in the water. Intended to give additional lightness while swimming, this over-the-neck vest forestalls weakness and loss of vitality that can happen when endeavoring to keep yourself above water, enabling you to invest more energy getting a charge out of the undersea world beneath. Developed of solid 210-denier nylon, the vest is fixed by a RF welding process that guarantees the 1/4-inch weld is perpetual and the vest remains impenetrable. Blow up the vest rapidly through the plastic expansion valve with locking instrument on the left side. When you’re prepared to free plunge and investigate more underneath the surface, basically push down on the valve to discharge the air and flatten the vest. The Deep Blue Gear inflatable snorkel vest additionally includes a movable abdomen and groin tie for a protected and adaptable fit. Effortlessly packable, the snorkel vest creases up minimally like a T-shirt for movement. The vest comes in two grown-up sizes – standard (90 to 220 pounds) and XL (more than 220 pounds). Dark Blue Gear additionally offers a child measured snorkel vest. Dark Blue Gear produces agreeable, solid, and utilitarian jumping and swimming apparatus for both prepared jumpers and beginner swimmers. Dark Blue Gear has given veils, snorkels, balances, and more to a wide assortment of resorts, visit administrators, and voyage lines situated in the Caribbean since 2001.
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions27 × 0.5 × 18 in



Deep Blue Gear




Deep Blue Gear






Deep Blue Gear




Deep Blue Gear


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