•  Rainfly Tarp Tent Design: Providing excellent PU2000mm waterproof ,sun-shade,The UV protection.95”×55” awing,multipurpose tent,give you a better rest. even if you want to picnic, he can also provide you with floor mats.
  • Easy Suspension System:Easy setup and relax in this hammock within minutes with the loop system in our tree straps. No complicated knots to learn. Wrap the strap around the tree and clip our aluminum wiregate carabiner into any loops. carabiner max weight 2500lbs
  • Portable and Quality Assurance?whole hammock set,only weight 43oz. All in one backpack bag. You can easier take it have have good trip. We support one years Quality Guarantee.

Why we choose camping hammock for backpacking, camping, travel, outdoor, hiking, beach, yard?

Hammock camping is a form of camping in which a camper sleeps in a suspended hammock rather than a conventional tent on the ground.

Their reduced weight often results in less space inside than a similar occupancy tent.

In foul weather, a tarp is suspended above the hammock to keep the rain off of the camper.

Mosquito netting, sometimes integrated into the camping hammock itself, is also used as climatic conditions warrant.

Camping hammocks are used by campers who are looking for lighter weight?

or other ground complications such as sloped ground, rocky terrain and flooded terrain

Campers and hikers often carry very heavy backpacks. But their rest system is necessary.

So they like better ultralight Hammocks;than tent.

Hammocks are a great lightweight alternative for ultralight campers and hikers.Also,they’re really comfortable.

What the  advantages of Our camping Hammock set?

*Too light weight, reduce the weight of the backpack.

*easy suspension system and tarpaulin system.

*No harm,no trace left to the environment.

*Get off the ground, away from animals.

*Prevent rainwater from seeping into the tent.

Camping Hammock Package:

1×118″ x 78″ Hammock with Mosquito Net

2×Tree Straps

2×anti-rust steel Carabiner

1×mosquito net rope

1×Storage Bag

1×User Manual

HIKANT Camping Hammock Revolution Design System for Outdoor Best Offer

Rain Fly Package:

1×Rainfly Tarp Tent

4×aluminum Pile

2×anti-rust steel Carabiner

2×Storage Bag

HIKANT Camping Hammock Revolution Design System for Outdoor




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shiyi outdoor products co. LTD


shiyi outdoor products co. LTD


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