•  💪High quality –The main body of elastomer band is comprised of stretchy Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) which is of flexibility, anti-abrasion as well as anti-tearing and could improve longevity ,Distinctive stainless steel construction doesn’t rust,Perfect fit for Hiking shoes, Trail Runners, Fishing & Insulated Boots.
  • 💪Real feeling of security–solid ice grips can prevent move side-to-side, strategic placement of ice spikes ensures equal distribution of weight for long-lasting comfort, High Strength stainless steel spikes provides excellent traction on a variety of icy surfaces,This ice traction cleat would give you more confident while walking on the ice or snow.
  • 💪Easy to wear and carry easily–Suitable for various kinds of sports shoes, mountaineering shoes and boots for a quick and secure fit on a variety of footwear, Easy Putting On And Taking Off,The carry bag provides some protection for the crampons and protection of the external environment, It is Easy to carry.
  • 💪Injury reduction–Reduce the risk of injury from slips or falls when walking on ice fishing, Snow jogging,Snow hiking,Snow running, Snow climbing ?mud and wet grass or other outdoor sports in winter.
  • 💪Applicable people–Suitable for both male and female of any age of teenagers,adult,elders.
Material: High density stainless steel, high strength TPE.
Teeth: 18 stainless-steel teeth with welding technology.
Color: Black
Suitable for shoes: Suitable for all kinds of sports shoes, hiking shoes, mountaineering boots etc.?Easy to put on and take off, comfortable and stays in place
Portable: Designed for reducing the risk of walking on icy or slippery surfaces?Ideal for everyday use, outdoor winter work or a variety of winter activities such as ice fishing,
hunting, walking, jogging, hiking, running, snow shoveling, etc. Walk with confidence on any terrain, snow, ice, mud sand, and wet grass.
Easy to carry?Can be placed in a small carry bag after folding?

 Trail Runners Size:
M: US Shoe Size. Men=6-9, Women=5-10.
L: US Shoe Size. Men=9-11, Women=10-12.
XL?US Shoe Size. Men=11-15, Women=12+

 Hiking Shoes Size:
M: US Shoe Size. Men=6-8, Women=5-9.
L: US Shoe Size. Men=8-10, Women=9-11.
XL?US Shoe Size. Men=10-15, Women=11+

 Fishing&Insulated Boots Size:
M: US Shoe Size. Men=6-7, Women=5-8.
L: US Shoe Size. Men=7-9, Women=8-10.
XL?US Shoe Size. Men=9-14, Women=10+

Ice Snow Grips, Anti Slip Crampons 18 Tooth Stainless Stee Best Offer

Package List:
1 * Pair of Crampons
1 * Pair of Velcro Straps
1 * Carry Bag

Qerhod Traction Cleats, Ice Snow Grips, Anti Slip Crampons 18 Tooth Stainless Steel, Suitable for Winter Jogging,Hiking, Climbing,Other Outdoor Events-Includes Carry Bag














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Qerhod Traction Cleats,Ice Snow Grips, Anti Slip Crampons 18 Tooth Stainless Steel,Suitable for Winter Jogging,Hiking, Climbing,Other Outdoor Events-Includes Carry Bag Ice Snow Grips, Anti Slip Cram...