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ProDive Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set – Impact Resistant Tempered Glass Diving Mask, Watertight and Anti-Fog Lens [Crystal Clear for Best Vision] Easy Adjustable Strap. Waterproof Gear Bag Included.


ProDive Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set – Impact Resistant Tempered Glass Diving Mask Best Offer

  • BREATHE-EASY DRY SNORKEL LETS AIR IN, KEEPS WATER OUT! This innovative, DRY snorkel keeps let some circulation into until the point when you’re READY to take in! No more astonishment swallows of water in your mouth when you’re attempting to breathe!
Combine our completely clear WATER-TIGHT MASK with our 100% DRY snorkel, and you have a couple of the BEST QUALITY, MOST RELIABLE things of jumping/swimming apparatus you can get at this value extend. The safety glass focal point on our veil is made of high-thickness, affect safe plastic that is intended to withstand the weight of DEEP WATER DIVING. The vast majority never go anyplace close to the profundity of what this cover can deal with. In any case, you’ll be cheerful to realize that it can take whatever you can dole out! Likewise, the lashes and clasps on the veil are made of profoundly solid plastic that accompanies a lifetime ensure. You won’t need to stress over these snapping while you’re putting them on. Simply don’t abandon them in the sun, and you’ll have the capacity to appreciate them for one season after another! You’ll additionally value the WATER-TIGHT, ANTI-FOG nature of the perfectly clear focal point. You’ll never need to stop and wipe within your veil again! This extraordinary material keeps your cover as clear as can be, notwithstanding when you inhale vigorously or it gets a little hot under your jump suit. There will be no haze to hinder your vision and crush your plunge! Next, you’ll experience passionate feelings for the “Inhale Easy” DRY Snorkel that keeps for all intents and purposes ALL water out of your tube so you can invest more energy getting a charge out of the miracles of the sea and less time swallowing down salty ocean water! Everything is kept set up with adaptable and movable silicone lashes, and the customisable mouthpiece. We GUARANTEE your fulfillment with this snorkel and veil unit! In case you’re not completely fulfilled, simply return it inside ## days and we’ll discount each penny you paid. Along these lines, you go for broke by requesting on the web today.
Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions13.4 × 9 × 3.1 in

















Lifetime Replacement Warranty. If you have any issues, simply contact us and we will expedite a free replacement, for life!






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