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Sagester # 149 / Italy Hand-Made/Figure Ice Skating Dress/Swarovski Crystals. 


Sagester # 149 / Italy Hand-Made/Figure Ice Skating Dress/Swarovski Crystals Best Offer

Form-fitting is the best approach when you are out there performing on the ice. Free attire isn’t just risky, yet it can likewise be ugly to observers and judges. By wearing the Sagester Figure Skating Dress in Style 149, you can flaunt your exquisite female edge while seeming all around prepped and energetic. The Product Overview: Sagester Figure Skating Dress, Style 149 Looking your best is regularly synonymous with playing out your best, and Sagester realizes that. Our entire line of amazing figure skating dresses is hand made in Italy utilizing the best material mixes and holding fast to outstandingly high generation benchmarks. Concerning Style 149, it is contained 80% polyamide and 20% elastin Ãâ€â” two materials known generally for their ice skating-accommodating advantages: Supreme Comfort, Body Breathability, Material Flexibility, Design Versatility, Performance Durability. The Sagester Figuring Skating Dress in Style 149 is known for having each of the five of those properties while additionally being alluring and down to earth. Our dresses dependably come in no less than four alluring hues to enable skaters to redo their on-ice groups. The Main Features of the Sagester Figure Skating Dress, Style 149 We offer figure skating dresses for an assortment of entertainers. Our lineup highlights six unique sizes, making Style 149 appropriate for energized skaters everything being equal. Elegant while staying practical, this since quite a while ago sleeved execution dress highlights a transparent sleeve detail on one side, and a false tie circle in the back. All the uncommon highlights are laid out with shimmering sequin and sparkle detail to enhance certainty and showmanship.
Weight0.52 lbs
Dimensions13.5 × 11 × 1 in









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