Team Magnus Kids Skis w/ Quality Buckled Straps – 65cm Plastic Mini Snow Skis to Build Cross Country & Downhill Technique in Back Yard or Ski Park – Fits Boots /Shoes Age 3 to Size 10. 


  • EASIER TO USE! Junior preparing skis enable the child to get up snappier after the unavoidable falls and without the danger of tangling which can agitate youthful children. On the off chance that the skis are significantly shorter skate-style the required aptitude level to have charming ski sessions will be high. Longer skis offer more adjust yet make terrible upright propensities and are best presented later. The light weight makes them simple to convey. We exhort ski caps if the snow is thin or there are obstacles.
  • FLEXIBLE! Our sturdy plastic skis can be utilized on cold grass or to trample down profound snow. This duplicates hone openings! Our smaller than normal skis can be utilized by babies as youthful as 3 up to grown-ups with a 10 shoe estimate. Back yard skiing is inspiring for first time skiers taking some weight off and keeping the sessions light. These coach skis are certain to be utilized for quite a long time as your youngsters construct certainty and create traps. We educate the utilization with respect to ski protective caps on cold ground/close obstacles.
  • IDEAL GIFT! Ordinarily utilized by youngsters and more established children with solid skiing certainty for easygoing traps and hops. An extraordinary present for any lil tyke for winter get-away or for any middle skier who cherishes a fun test and has the right stuff for short skis. The more seasoned the adolescent the harder it is to ski on jr shorty skis so they’re an awesome method to keep up ski system between trips. No interest in ski head protectors, ski boots, goggles or shafts required. Just fun regular ski sessions!

Best arrangement of apprentice skis for kids ever! Super fantastic youth and junior shorty skis! Profoundly suggested youngsters’ outside toys!

• The IDEAL skis for apprentices or transitional skiers – they lash onto any shoe or boot and work incredible on hard ice and snow. Ski lashes are ended up being a superior answer for settled plastic ties for a first time student.

• Shorty visiting skis with adjusted tips have a legacy going back to the 1970s when they were produced in Canada and ended up well known in Scandinavia and the Alps. While your profound stabilizer muscles are grinding away keeping you upright on the short skis you’ll naturally twist your knees to additionally enhance control as you move.

• Safe for little youngsters, teenagers or a baby and a good time for all levels. Consummate juniour gear for Nordic or Alpine skiing in the back yard on the pistes or a slope. Likewise extraordinary diversion for any capable grown-up skier who cherishes to rehearse a trap or bounce.

.• The tough nylon lashes are made in Sweden with enduring tempered steel clasps for security. Lashes additionally enable kin or companions to share skis for brisk extemporized preparing.

Team Magnus Kids Skis w/ Quality Buckled Straps – 65cm Plastic Mini Snow Skis to Build Cross Country Best Offer

HOW TO ATTACH:Place shoe or boot in the focal point of the ski with the front tie locked in over the toes and the back tie crossed behind the foot rear area and locked in around the lower legs. High-lower leg boots are serenely utilized for this or you can utilize jeans to pad lower legs as you tie the skis on.

HOW TO MAINTAIN: We prescribe clasping the ties together when the skis aren’t being used to abstain from losing them. The hardened steel locks are tough in all climate however are best put away in dry conditions. The skis are made of UV-safe HDPE plastic and endure wide temperature contrasts. Substitution lashes accessible.

Weight0.01 lbs
Dimensions38.4 × 6.9 × 5.98 in





Suitable for children over 3 yrs




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