Aegend Dry Snorkel Adult Diving Snorkel, Attach to Cressi/Speedo Other Brands Regular Diving Snorkels/Mask Top Dry Valve Snorkel with Food-grade Silicone Mouthpiece for Scuba Diving Freediving Snorkel. 


  • ➡️ LONGER OVAL UPPER TUBE PROVIDES MORE AIR, AND BREATH EFFORTLESSLY: A substantial measurement tube will give you full breaths without influencing you to battle to rest. The upper tube is bended and approaches your head, which will counteract drag your mouth. It’s an ideal snorkel for swimming, skin jumping, scuba plunging, swimming etc.
  • ➡️ EASILY BLOW OUT WATER THROUGH ONE WAY PURGE VALVE: Sits at the base of a bulblike supply that is balanced from the mouthpiece tube, which made it easy to clear and very dry. Water can even be gotten out of the dry snorkel while submerged, you should simply give it a decent blow.
  • ➡️ EASILY ATTACH TO ANY REGULAR SNORKEL/DIVE MASK: The attendant could without much of a stretch append to Cressi/Speedo/US/Phantom and different brands standard plunge swims/covers/goggles. Snappy discharge customizable clasp simple to cut it on/off a plunging cover, permitting development here and there the snorkel tube, for an agreeable position. Your hair doesn’t get tangled as much in this sort of connection between the cover and snorkel.

Length: 18in( confined length: 12in)
Meterial: 100% sustenance review silcone mouthpiece + Polyurethane breathing tube


  • Our jumping swim is intended to be joined any customary brands plunging cover, with its straightforward customizable clasp makes simple to cut it on/off a plunging/swimming veil. An expansion to your plunging gear.
  • 100% nourishment review silicone mouthpiece which is protected, delicate and agreeable in your mouth, taking into consideration delayed use with no discomfort.
  • Dop dry valve and sprinkle watch kept water from coming into the snorkel when plunging or when waves crash overhead.
  • It’s incredible scuba swim as it includes a profoundly adaptable tube that will move with you guaranteeing you can turn your make a beeline for see all the fish without the feared jaw fatigue.


Top Dry Valve Snorkel with Food-grade Silicone Mouthpiece for Scuba Diving Freediving Snorkel Best Offer

  1. Be prepared: Use brilliant snorkel adapt. Balances, cover, de-fogger, and sunscreen are a decent begin. A fish ID card completes with your rigging pleasantly. Booties to ensure your feet some of the time likewise come in handy.
  2. Be cautious: Never swim in high surf conditions and never swim alone. In the event that you are a tenderfoot, begin in shallow water and just wander farther when you feel great. When you begin feeling restless, come back to the coast.
  3. Always hone your breathing: Practice through your snorkel with your head outside the water before dunking in. Put your cover on and inhale through the tube! Try not to chomp the tube, rest your teeth or your jaw will get extremely sore extremely quick.


Weight0.6 lbs
Dimensions6.93 × 5.31 × 0.63 in













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