•  PORTABLE LED LIGHTING MASTER – The Gen 2 LED Tent Light applies SMD LEDs, which delivers maximum 280 lumens with light radius of 65FT. Thanks to her special frosted finishing on light cover, the light is so tender and sexy.
  • COMPACT AND WATER RESISTANT – Comes handy with diameter 4.5 inches and foldaway for store or handheld; With military grade ABS material and workmanship, it will goes with you deep into nature
  • 3 BRIGHTNESS MODES WITH POWER INDICATOR – Super bright(280 lumens), Bright(100 lumens), and Red for night vision – Simply push the transparent front button to switch from super bright to dim, and red. The transparent button is also an indicator of battery level, red for low power, blue for normal.
  • RECHARGEABLE AND POWERBANK – With real 5200mAh batteries included to power the lantern, you may forget when it was charged last time. Moreover, it also features as power bank for your cell phone, camera, and other USB devices with anti-overcharge/discharge function.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1 unit of SUBOOS Gen 2 tent light, 2 units of 2600mAh lithium batteries(installed),1 unit of “S” hanging clip, 1 User Manual.
IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTE: Power Indicator will flash Red when charging and turns solid red when fully charged.

SUBOOS Gen 2 Tent Light is an innovated creation based on Gen 1- The 60 LEDs Camping Tent Light. It is easy to discover the advantages for Gen 2: Much stronger – weatherproof ABS material and workmanship for outdoor; More friendly – including 2 brightness level for different light needs plus red light for night vision; More function – rechargeable itself and can also work as power bank for handhold devices.

Tailored Light for All Your Needs
Super Bright: 280 lumens with light radius of 65ft, last 6 hrs;
Regular Bright: 100 lumens, last 18 hrs;
Red: 125 hrs

Small and Smart
Diameter?4.33 inch;
Height: 1.89 inch;
Battery Level Indicator: The transparent push button is for light mode adjustment meanwhile, a battery level indicator, blue for normal, red for low power;

More Battery Capacity and More Power Option
Gen 2 Tent Lantern comes to you with 2pcs high volume (2600mAh) 18650 batteries, totally 5200mAh. Considering possible shortages and emergencies in wild, it accepts 1 battery to be light up.

Emergency Cell Phone Recharger
With total capacity of 5200 mAh 18650 batteries, universal USB both way cord, you can use the lantern to charge your cell phone 1 or 2 times from death to full when neccessary

The sun is always light towards you, even when it is not noon, so does the Gen 2 tent lantern, no matter where you hang it, you always have the option to turn it face to you, – The maximum light radius: 65ft.

Ultimate LED Rechargeable Tent Lantern and 5200mAh Power Bank Best Offer

Packing List
1 x SUBOOS Gen 2 LED Tent Light
2 x Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries, each 2600mAh.
1 x Universal Micro-USB & USB Recharging Cable
1 x clip (to facilitate hook hanging)

SUBOOS Gen 2 Ultimate LED Rechargeable Tent Lantern and 5200mAh Power Bank-Batteries and Clip Included

Weight0.53 lbs
Dimensions6.1 × 5.51 × 2.56 in



















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SUBOOS Gen 2 Ultimate LED Rechargeable Tent Lantern and 5200mAh Power Bank-Batteries and Clip Included Ultimate LED Rechargeable Tent...