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Dark Lightning Wetsuit Men Full Suit, Long Sleeve Mens Wetsuit for Scuba Diving Surf Snorkeling, Neoprene Wet Suit Men in 3mm and 5/4mm, Black. 


Grown-up men’s wet suits for scuba plunging/surfing/kayaking/paddle boarding/ fishing equipments, Full-length, long sleeve wetsuit for multi water sports require.

To keep you hotter in the driving rain water by the cozy skin fitting plan and best CR neoprene.

CR (Chloroprene Rubber)  the best neoprene wetsuits, DO NOT accommodating it as a SBR wetsuit.

CR neoprene is the best material for jumping wetsuit :

– Super stretchy : influences you to have more flexiable in your development under the water

– Keep warm : CR offer much better warm opposition

– Better press obstruction: Share more press on the off chance that you dive deep jumping

– Aging opposition: CR material is steady , which you can utilize years in the event that you treat it deliberately


–  Single Superseal Neck

– LFS creases decline to spill with a stretchy, adaptable fluid tape that seals GBS (daze sewing) sewed creases

– Heavy obligation 10V back zipper: simple wearing and doffing

–  Ectoflex knee cushions, Krypto Knee Padz┢ intended to lessen scraped area and broaden the life of the suit


2 distinctive thickness for various utilization and water temp:

Long Sleeve Mens Wetsuit for Scuba Diving Best Offer

3/3 fullsuit design,  suggested water temperatures more than 59 °F

5/4mm fullsuit design, suitable for cutting edge player and recommended water temperatures of 46 °F – 55 °F

Hand wash, dribble dry. 







Dark Lightning


dark lightning




dark lightning


dark lightning




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